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is a group of professional software/high load systems development with more than 9 years of experience in delivering superior products and custom solutions.
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We provides full cycle High Load System Development services for various spheres. Our specialists have a huge experience of development and implementation stable solutions with high load. We develop fault-tolerant applications serving a large number of users and involving the simultaneous processing of large amounts of data. Our High Load System Developers always implement scalable, reliable and efficient apps.
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UI/UX Design
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Our competences
Custom high load systems development
Design of high-load architecture
Stress testing
Controlling load peaks
High-load applications implementation
High-load systems optimization and support
Distribution of server load
C#, Linq, Ado.NET, WCF, Winforms or WPF, SQL, Git, OOP & Design patterns, PHP7, JavaScript, VueJS, MySQL (Percona), Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, YouTrack
Social Networks, Web Portals, Web Applications, Web sites, Web-based systems CRM, ERP, CMS
Custom Development
Analyse, Development, Implementation, QA, Deployment, Support
Software and High Load Systems Development Company

Our company develops high-load systems for various industries, including marketing and advertisement, financial and telecommunications companies that work with large amounts of information and clients. Marikit Holding experienced programmers always pay attention on load balancing, providing solutions that handle a maximum number of connections with a short response time. They use the most efficient tools and technologies that allow to reduce processing time effectively as well as and the application’s performance rises several times. We have successfully implemented many similar projects.

PNN Soft provides full cycle software development since 2001 for clients in B2B and B2C around the world. We have implemented many projects for customers from USA, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia and other countries in Europe and Asia. PNN Soft supports long-term relationships with customers, being a reliable developer and providing the highest quality of our services for many years. Market leaders from different spheres trust us. Our products are used in 150 countries around the world and many of them are on the top of most popular and downloaded apps.

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